About two years ago God put it on my heart that He wanted me write something (now I know a blog) involving the Kingdom and Star Wars, more specifically Anakin’s story. This began a journey of softening hearts, opening minds and lots of movie watching/note taking. We rediscovered God, He wanted us to know who He really was and He reveled that to us with fresh revelation almost daily. Our faith strengthened, the atmosphere of our house changed, our marriage was different, going to church was different (better) and our attitude toward ours kids was more lighthearted and open to hearing their ideas. The fresh revelations and note taking started to slow down after a few months, but there were still new things to learn about God and ourselves. We know now that He was preparing us for our move to Germany! : ) People would ask me how my “book” was coming along and I would say that it was simmering, God just needed me to let it sink in. I feel strongly that it is very important that it be genuine not forced or rushed, because God has never made me feel that way during this process. Over the past couple of months I’ve had my Star Wars notes in the back of my mind, sometimes running through key points in my head and writing a few things down. One day we watched the Empire Strikes Back with our daughter (who loves Darth Vader btw) and boy did I feel a reawakening! I asked if it was time for the next phase and a few hours later I got this response: “You being confident in your beliefs, your abilities and those little things that make you you, are essential to you finding your place in the Kingdom. The upcoming season is not only for fresh revelation but for revisiting what you have already written. You have come a long way my child, you are unique only you can present this in the way that it needs to be presented. I am proud of you, you need to be proud of yourself, it makes perfect sense to me that I would choose you for this. Remember that you are not alone, I’m here whenever you need me.”

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